News & Notes:

See the Future First 5 Center in Pittsburg

It’s official! We’ve purchased a building to house the new East County First 5 Center in Pittsburg. Located on Leland Avenue, the new site is about 6800 square feet, making it the largest First 5 Center to date. Once open, this site will replace the current Bay Point First 5 Center.

This purchase is the first step in First 5 Contra Costa’s plan to improve how First 5 Center services are delivered in East County. In order to serve more families, we’re shifting from funding three small First 5 Centers to funding two large regional First 5 Centers in Pittsburg and Antioch. This change will take time and occur in stages. Classes and activities in East County will continue during the transition.

Renovations will begin soon at the new Pittsburg site to make it just right for families. Classes and services will continue at the First 5 Center in Bay Point (3225 Willow Pass Road) until it opens.

Find the East County First 5 Center January class schedule here.


Update on First 5 Center Classes and Site Plans in Antioch

Exciting changes are underway for First 5 Center services in Antioch!

The Center is moving to a new location in downtown Antioch, and will open soon. Until then, First 5 Center classes and activities will take place at nearby locations in January and February 2018:

  • Find First 5 Center classes and activities happening in Antioch here.
  • Antioch families are welcome to sign up for classes at other First 5 Centers as well. Class calendars for each site are here.
  • Families who want a developmental screening for their child, or who have questions about Help Me Grow developmental playgroups, should call the Antioch/Delta First 5 Center (925) 516-3880.
  • The East County Regional Group will still hold meetings in downtown Antioch. Contact Alejandra Plascencia (925) 771-7338 for location information.

Long-term, First 5 Contra Costa plans to open a much larger regional First 5 Center in Antioch in order to serve more families. We’ve already started meeting with a group of Antioch parents to consult us on locations and will have more community input sessions in 2018.

Another change to note is that starting January 1, the nonprofit Aspiranet will provide First 5 Center services in Antioch. This agency also runs First 5 Centers in Brentwood, Concord, and Bay Point. We thank Brighter Beginnings for their many years of service operating the Antioch First 5 Center.

See updates about First 5 Centers in East County here on our website.


Watch It: Community Engagement Program’s Successful Year

2017 was another amazing year for the 175 parents advocating in First 5’s Community Engagement Program.

The three Regional Groups continued improving long neglected community parks. They secured funding to install four new playgrounds, recruited 250 volunteers to completely rebuild City Park in Pittsburg in one day, and launched sports classes and neighborhood watch programs at the parks to improve safety and park usage.

In addition, the Regional Groups were critical in passing 10 safe haven/sanctuary policies at various city councils and school boards to protect immigrant children and families. They also successfully advocated for the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors to fund a rapid response program providing trustworthy information, legal help, and support for immigrant residents. We’re so proud to sponsor these dedicated and highly effective parent advocates.

Watch them in action below. Learn more about joining a Group.