In an effort to provide high-quality programs to even more Richmond families, the West County First 5 Center opened a new satellite site in the city’s Iron Triangle neighborhood last May.

With its main site located in San Pablo, the Center has provided classes to Richmond families over the years by offering programs at various community centers. Now the new site, located at 317 11th Street, will serve as the primary location for all Richmond-based programs.

We recently visited the new site and invite you to watch our video tour!

For more information, please contact (510) 232-5650 or click here for a schedule of classes offered at the new site this month.

2 thoughts on “See the New First 5 Center in Richmond

  1. Hi, I went with my son for classes at first 5 and they were great. I wanted to sign up again, I’ve searched your website for at least half an hour and didn’t find any way how to sign up for groups offered in Richmond. It looks that the schedule hasn’t been posted. When I searched “Richmond Center schedule”, something from 2011 came up and when I clicked on “schedule”, there was just some kind of error message. This is such a great program and I’m sorry to say that but your web site is pretty much useless.
    Can you please email me or call me with info where can I find your schedule and how to apply for a group? Thank you, I appreciate your help.
    Bohdana Smidkova

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