First-5_image-7-1It’s never too early to start reading to your child – even when he or she is a baby!

Here’s why:

  • The simple act of cuddling and reading to your baby helps his or her brain to develop.
  • Your baby finds your voice soothing. When you read to your baby it helps her love books as much as she loves you.
  • Babies who hear more words develop richer language.
  • Babies listen attentively to songs, rhymes, and stories.

What kind of books do babies like?

When choosing books for babies, use sturdy board books, washable cloth books or bath books, or books that allow baby to explore using touch. Babies like books with bright pictures of real and familiar objects, especially photos of baby faces.

Read aloud tips for babies:

  • Let your baby hold the book before you read. Show her “open” and “close”. Make it a game.
  • Stop often and point to the pictures as you name them. By naming the objects, it helps your baby learn new words.
  • Let your baby touch the pages and handle the book.
  • If your baby is more interested in putting the book in his or her mouth, try a teething toy as a distraction.
  • Make the sounds for your baby and ask him or her to make them (such as “mmmmmoooo” for the cow).
  • Give your baby time to respond to your voice. Listen to your baby, and then respond. This back and forth is how your baby learns about conversation.
  • Be patient when reading together. If your baby is restless, take a break.

By their first birthday, many babies will point to familiar objects or people in the books, make appropriate noises for animals in the story, and try to turn the pages of sturdy books.


Watch our video to learn more interactive reading tips for babies and toddlers:



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  1. Playing with babies is fun 😉 I think baby’s childhood is a period parents enjoy the most. But playing different games with babies is a tough job too. One need to come up with various ideas to get small kids engaged and make them happy. And while playing with them parents can also teach them many things. A page “When and How Your Baby Learns About Object Permanence” on WhatToExpect is very interesting and useful regarding this. I hope others also enjoy reading this article.

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