We are excited to announce that First 5 Contra Costa’s administrative office has a new home at:

First 5 Contra Costa
4005 Port Chicago Hwy.
Ste. 120
Concord, CA 94520

First 5 Contra Costa’s new home represents the hope we hold for the future. In the midst of the isolation and uncertainty of the past two years, we are holding close to a vision where we once again can gather and see each other as more than just the little boxes virtual meetings put us in. 

Beyond giving our staff ample room to conduct First 5 Contra Costa’s daily functioning, our new administrative office will also support our work as facilitator and convener of providers, parents, and residents.

To rally around our youngest children and their families, each of us–as individuals, teams, agencies, and organizations–need to be in community with each other and the families we serve. Our new home reflects our relentless commitment to nurture community so that we can be the system of support and connection that all families and children deserve.