Ring in the New Year with Healthier Snacks

The Delta First 5 Center, located in Brentwood, implemented a new nutrition policy last year.  Perhaps your organization may want to consider ringing in the New Year by adopting a new healthful snack policy.

Here’s Delta’s nutrition policy, which has been embraced both by the Center’s staff and families. The Delta First 5 Center:

  • Will not serve sugar-sweetened beverages, including 100% fruit juice, to children at any of the Center’s activities, events or celebrations.
  • Will provide low-calorie whole grain cereal snacks on a daily basis and fresh fruits and vegetables when possible.
  • Will serve whole fruit slices in place of 100% juice or flavored punch when possible.
  • Will always provide water free of charge for children and their families.
  • May provide additional beverages for children including healthy alternatives such as carbonated water (flavored or unflavored) without sweeteners and non-fat or 1% milk (plain, not flavored).

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