When You Have Concerns About Your Child’s Development

ECLA_RedFlagBroch_2013.inddIf you have concerns about your child’s development, it’s best to seek help right away. That’s because children benefit most when concerns are addressed early in life. Your child may need further assessment from an early intervention provider or a health specialist, so get help today.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Talk with Your Pediatrician

Schedule an appointment with your pediatrician or health care provider. If you’ve had developmental screening for your child, take the screening results with you. Depending on the concerns you have about your child, and the type of health insurance you have, your doctor can inform you about next steps.

Step 2: Get Your Child Assessed  Continue reading

Developmental Playgroups Help Kids Catch Up

playgroups2Children behind on their developmental milestones are getting help catching up, thanks to the developmental playgroups we’re funding at our First 5 Centers.

We launched the playgroups in 2013 on the heels of our new developmental screening program, which led to an increase in children being identified with developmental concerns or delays at a time when state funding for early intervention services had dwindled. With delays not serious enough to receive state-funded services, yet still in great need, we created the playgroups to make sure these vulnerable children didn’t fall further behind. Continue reading