Sugar Bites Results

SugarBites9x12-01According to a new survey, parents are more likely to serve their children water or milk instead of sugary drinks after seeing our Sugar Bites campaign.

In October, we conducted on-the-street interviews with 99 parents with children birth to age five to assess the reach and impact of our Sugar Bite campaign. The interviews were conducted in English and Spanish and took place in Concord, San Pablo, and Richmond.

Most of the parents surveyed had seen the ads at least three to four times in places including transit shelters, BART, or convenience stores. When asked about the campaign’s ads, which were designed to elicit visceral reactions from parents to protect their kids from these harmful products, participants responded as follows:

  • 95% felt the campaign was memorable
  • 90% felt the campaign was convincing
  • 84% reported being affected/highly affected by the campaign
  • 83% said they agreed/strongly agreed with the message in the ads

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