An annual snapshot of First 5 Contra Costa’s work to rally around young children and their families (Fiscal Year 2020-2021).

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In our annual snapshot of FY20-21, we take a look at what themes and accomplishments rose to the top through our initiatives in community engagement, family support, early childhood education, early intervention, and special projects.

Each of these initiatives plays a critical role in supporting the early childhood system—the providers, parents, and community supports that all children need to thrive. Our initiatives work across these elements of the early childhood system, ensuring that Contra Costa’s children have stable food and housing, access to quality early learning, support for physical and mental health, and nurturing relationships with the adults in their lives.

Highlights from each initiative include: 

  • Early Intervention: An important factor in creating positive early childhood experiences is a strong network of care that effectively identifies, interrupts and mitigates developmental challenges, attends to structural adversities, addresses unmet social needs, and uplifts families. 
  • Special Projects & Coalitions: First 5 Contra Costa’s strong voice in the local policy advocacy landscape is, in large part, because we’ve shown up as stakeholders at many different tables in partnerships and coalitions with other community-based organizations, advocates, and residents on issues that affect young children and their families.
  • Family Support: Through our First 5 Centers and Welcome Home Baby (our home visiting program), we connect families to resources, classes, and a community of other parents to support their child’s development and despite remarkable odds, First 5 Centers remained committed to families, offering opportunities to learn, grow, and make meaningful community connections. 
  • Early Childhood Education: As a cornerstone for preparing young children for school and life, our work with early childhood educators has always been about creating ideal learning environments for young children. This past year, we pushed ourselves to think and work more expansively when it came to defining those environments, which extend beyond the classrooms and into our communities.
  • Community Engagement & Advocacy: The Community Engagement and Advocacy team at First 5 has the honor to support and partner with three parent-led Regional Groups. Despite the continued challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Regional Group members made significant strides in advancing equitable, quality park spaces and keeping families housed and rooted in community.

Click here to download Strengthening Systems of Support