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Antioch CHANGE: Community Housing Assessment of Needs, Gaps, and Equity

Antioch CHANGE starts with a belief that housing is a human right and every Antioch child needs a safe, decent, and stable home. With that belief as the foundation, Antioch CHANGE is a community led effort to understand Antioch’s housing needs and take action for increased housing equity.

Download our 1-page preview of the Antioch Housing Assessment—the full report will be released this summer. 

The East County Regional Group (ECRG)

The ECRG is a multicultural volunteer parent advocacy group working to build power for healthy, safe, and equitable communities for young children and families.

In Spring 2021, the ECRG launched Antioch CHANGE and gathered over 1000 surveys from Antioch residents. To share the results of the data collected and develop policy recommendations for increased housing equity, the ECRG and its partners hosted two community townhalls in September 2021 and February 2022. 

Continuing to build from the results of the assessment, ECRG leaders and allies are advocating for tenant protections to stop skyrocketing rents, unfair evictions, and landlord harassment of renters. 

Be a part of parent-led change:
To learn more and take action for housing stability for young children and families, or to join us for our monthly ECRG meeting (every 3rd Wednesday of the month), please contact Cecilia at (925) 375-6057 or

This project is hosted by the following community organizations: