In an effort to prevent childhood obesity, First 5 Contra Costa and the Healthy and Active Before 5 collaborative have launched a hard-hitting campaign urging parents to protect their toddlers and preschoolers from sugary drinks, and serve them water instead.

As you can see from the artwork, we’re not pulling any punches with this campaign:



Here’s why: Childhood obesity is a public health crisis. Children today consume far more calories from sugary drinks than they did 30 years ago and childhood obesity rates have nearly doubled over that same period of time. In fact, sugary drinks are the single largest source of added calories in the American diet.

In 2010, one in three low-income kids in Contra Costa County ages two to five were overweight or obese. Obese kids are more likely to become obese adults putting them at greater risk for heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

The beverage industry spends millions marketing sugary drinks to children, especially to Latino and African American children. We think parents deserve to know the truth about the serious health risks associated with these drinks. In order to protect the health of Contra Costa County kids, we’ve provided a much-needed counter message to what the beverage industry uses to target our children.

We hope this helps parents to establish healthy habits in young children that will lead to long, healthy adult lives.

About the Campaign:

Advertisements:  Look for ads in English and Spanish on BART platforms, transit shelters, convenience store windows, and check cashing facilities in Bay Point, Concord, Pittsburg, Richmond, and San Pablo. These will run through July and August.

New Websites:  We also have developed websites in English and Spanish with more information about sugary drinks and why water and low-fat or non-fat milk are the healthiest options for children.


Order Brochures and Posters:  If you are interested in distributing brochures or posters, please contact Tracy Irwin (  You can preview these materials here.

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