Mother And Daughter At Fruit Counter In Supermarket With ListEveryday life is full of learning opportunities for you and your child – even when you’re at the grocery store.

Whether you’re together shopping, walking down the street, playing at the park, or waiting for an appointment, your child learns by watching you and talking with you. Talking together builds your child’s confidence, curiosity, and vocabulary – skills that will help your child be successful later in kindergarten.

So next time you’re out together at the grocery store, try these ideas for turning shopping into a fun, school readiness experience.


As you put things in the shopping cart, say each name out loud. You might say, “This is milk. Milk starts with the letter M. M sounds like mmmmm.” Now have your child try.


Let your child put the food in your cart. Talk about how it feels. You might say:

  • “Hold this apple. Feel how smooth it is.”
  • “These frozen vegetables are lumpy and cold.”
  • “Can you feel the pointy corners on this box?”  Then have your child describe how other items feel.


Count things as you put them in your cart. You might say, “1, 2, 3. I have three cans of vegetables.” Count the people in front of you in line. Then have your child try.


When you get home, ask your child to describe your trip to the store together or to make up a story about your time out.

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