We’re running our Sugar Bites ads this summer to remind parents that serving water instead of sugary drinks is the healthiest option for quenching their children’s thirst.

The ads, which focus on soda and sugary juice drinks, are running in Concord and San Pablo at bus shelters, convenience and grocery stores, gas stations, and on County Connection buses.

And for the first time, we were able to place printed window clings directly on refrigerated beverage cases in about 40 convenience stores and gas stations.

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We also managed to get Sugar Bites ads inside the grocery store! Look for them on grocery carts at Safeway and FoodMaxx locations.

SB_Safeway_800x534 SB_Food_Maxx_800x534

The purpose of Sugar Bites, launched in 2013 with Healthy and Active Before 5, is to inform parents about the dangerous health effects of sugary drink consumption and to encourage them to serve their toddlers and preschoolers water instead.

According to researchers, sugary drinks are the largest source of added sugar in the diets of children and contribute to childhood obesity. Unless trends change, health advocates say one in three U.S. children born after the year 2000 – and nearly half of Latino and African American children – will develop type II diabetes in their lifetimes. Already half of California children experience tooth decay before kindergarten.

Learn more about the Sugar Bites campaign by visiting cutsugarydrinks.org. You can also order Sugar Bites posters or brochures for your agency to distribute by contacting Tracy Irwin.