At our public Commission meeting on September 14, 2020, our Commission voted to endorse Proposition 15 and Measure X, both on the ballot for the November 3 election.

Our Commission endorsed these initiatives because they will generate much-needed revenue for services that our county and cities provide–services like health care, schools and childcare, affordable housing, firefighters and paramedics, and safety net services. When public entities like our county and cities can fund these services, more children and families can access them, which means that more children have what they need to grow up healthy, ready to learn, and in safe and nurturing communities. 

While we endorse Proposition 15 and Measure X, we hope every voter does their own research and votes in accordance with their values and needs. To this end, we offer up some information about Proposition 15 and Measure X, as well provide additional nonpartisan resources if you want to learn more. 

Most importantly, we encourage you to participate in the democratic process of voting! Whether volunteering at a polling place, advocating for an issue you feel passionately about, or casting a ballot, everyone has a role to play in ensuring our voices and values are represented in our city, county, state, and federal institutions. Click here for resources on voting in Contra Costa County.


What is Proposition 15?

  • Proposition 15 will change how we assess taxes on commercial property. 
  • Instead of basing the tax on a property’s original purchase price (which is how the tax is currently assessed), large commercial property owners would pay taxes based on the property’s fair market value. This would increase revenue from property taxes by approximately $12 billion annually statewide.  
  • This tax will primarily affect corporate property owners; 10% of the biggest corporate property owners will pay 92% of the tax. Homeowners, renters, and small businesses are exempt 
  • If Proposition 15 passes, it could recuperate over $340 million in public funds for our county, our cities, our schools, and vital services like housing, health care, and mental health, all of which would benefit our county’s youngest residents.

For more nonpartisan information on Proposition 15:


What is Measure X?

  • A ½ percent (0.5%) sales tax increase (excluding groceries, utility costs, health care costs) for the next 20 years
  • The tax is projected to generate $81 million annually to fund county services such as hospitals, fire and emergency services, and mental and community health services

For more nonpartisan information on Measure X: