Central County Regional Group, parent advocates, and residents, gather ahead of the Concord City Council meeting on June 14, 2022.

After 14 months of unrelenting advocacy and courage by parent advocates, the Concord City Council unanimously voted on Tuesday, June 14 to adopt an anti-harassment ordinance to protect renters and families from landlord harassment. The Central County Regional Group (CCRG) members and residents have been calling on Concord City Council to hold abusive landlords accountable to intimidation, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, invasion of privacy, and refusal to make repairs.

This ordinance means Concord’s renting families with young children will have more stable, healthy, and secure housing and gets ALL families one step closer to having dignity, respect, and peace of mind in their own homes.  A stable and safe home is critical to young children’s well-being and overall physical and socio-emotional development.

The victory is a result of the tireless efforts of CCRG members and residents along with the strategic community organizing by the First 5 Contra Costa Community Engagement team, the support by Executive Director Ruth Fernández in reinforcing the message and focus on young children with Council, and the collaborative efforts with Raise the Roof, Monument Impact, Todos Santos Tenants’ Union and many partners who made this possible. 

This win is ALL of ours.

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