CA Budget Postpones Child Care Funding Increase

“We are in very uncertain times,” said Governor Jerry Brown when he released his 2017-18 State Budget proposal last week. The Governor is anticipating a $1.6 billion deficit, the first deficit projected after four years of growth, due to lower revenues collected. The anticipation of major policy shifts from the incoming Trump administration and the Republican Congress only adds to the uncertainty. The impact of reduced (or eliminated) federal funding flowing to California will likely be reflected in the May Budget Revise, if known.

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Investing in Children Vital to California’s Economic Recovery

By now it’s almost trite to say that “children are our future,” but California’s future is in trouble if we don’t start making wise investments and policy decisions for children now.

In 1970, one in three Californians was a child. By 2030, a new report from KidsData estimates that only one in five will be.  Currently, nearly half of the state’s children live in poverty or close to it, which significantly limits their potential and can hinder their development. With Baby Boomers soon to retire, shouldn’t we be doing all we can to optimally prepare our future workforce for success?

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A Solution to California’s Budget Problems

Data for this graphic come from James Heckman, a Nobel Laureate in Economics and Professor of Economics at the Universtiy of Chicago.  Graphic can be found at  

Today hundreds of early care and education advocates will descend on the state capitol for the 15th annual Stand for Children Day. Their voices are needed again this year as California faces another round of budget deficits, and low-income children face another round of devastating cuts to vital health and child care programs.

We’ll know more this month when the Governor’s May Revise is released.  As the budget stands now, 62,000 low-income children would lose their child care and thousands more would be affected by reduced CalWORKs grants and time limits. Continue reading