Cut Sugary Drinks

sugarydrinksOn Monday, a USA Today-commissioned study revealed that Americans, including children, are consuming less sugar. This study got a lot of attention and overshadowed another study released by UC San Francisco on the same day.

That study confirmed that California children are consuming less soda, but found that African American and Latino children are much more likely to replace soda with fruity juices than their white peers. This is troubling since many sugary juices have as much sugar, if not more, than soda.

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New Resource for Serving Healthy Beverages in Child Care


A new Web site launched yesterday to help California’s child care providers implement AB 2084 (Brownley), legislation which prohibits most sugar-sweetened beverages from being served in licensed child care programs.  AB 2084 went into effect in January. It requires licensed child care providers to:

  • Make clean and safe drinking water available at all times
  • Offer only unsweetened one percent or non-fat milk to children age two and older
  • Limit juice to only one serving a day of 100 percent juice
  • Prohibit beverages with added sweeteners or artificial flavors

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