Your Story Matters: The Local Impact of Child Care Cuts

The good news is that State leaders have taken action in recent weeks to prevent a number of Governor Brown’s proposed cuts to children’s programs.

The California State Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Education Finance, chaired by Concord’s Assemblymember Susan Bonilla, voted to reject the governor’s budget proposals to eliminate transitional kindergarten and to realign child care to the county welfare departments. These are positive first steps in addressing a number of the Governor’s proposals that would be devastating for low-income children and families. Continue reading

Brown’s Budget Devastating for Children and Families

We all knew that the State budget for the coming fiscal year would be as challenging as those in previous years. But I don’t think anyone imagined the sweeping cuts aimed at the poor and their children proposed by the Governor. Reducing the CalWorks budget by $1 billion, with additional cuts to subsidized child care of over half a billion, the Governor proposes setting back the safety net to a time well before President Clinton promised “an end to welfare as we know it.” Continue reading