Meet Monument Community First 5 Center Director Maya Rodriguez

MayaphotoMaya Rodriguez is the new Director of the Monument Community First 5 Center. Maya began working at the West County First 5 Center in 2008, and her experience with children and families influenced her decision to pursue a Masters in Human Development, from Columbia University. After graduating in 2012, Maya returned to Contra Costa County, eager to make a difference in her own community. Maya is thrilled to be working in Concord, the city she grew up in and calls home.

What food did you refuse to eat as a child?

Surprisingly, when I was a child I loved broccoli! I called them little trees. The food that I would leave behind on the plate was always meat. I think the texture was too rough for my baby teeth. Even though my mom made sure to cut it into small enough pieces, I felt that I had to chew it for too long, and it was always a struggle to finish.

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