Quality Child Care Matters

TransitSheltersEngGirlKids who attend quality early learning programs do better in life. That’s the message of a new campaign we’re co-sponsoring to educate parents about the importance of selecting quality child care for their children.

The campaign, called Quality Matters, also publicly launches Contra Costa County’s new system to rate and improve the level of quality licensed child care programs provide to young children. First 5 Contra Costa, the Contra Costa County Office of Education, and the Contra Costa Child Care Council are sponsoring the campaign.

“The important message to families is that quality matters when they choose a child care setting for their child. Research shows that children in quality child care are more successful academically and in life,” said Sean Casey, Executive Director of First 5 Contra Costa. “Quality Matters is improving the quality of child care in our county and will provide parents with tools they need to identify quality programs.”

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Campaign Educates Richmond on Smoke-Free Housing Law

“When one person smokes, the whole building smokes.”

That’s the message of a new public education campaign focused on Richmond’s landmark smoke free multi-unit housing law.  The Tobacco Prevention Coalition of Contra Costa County and the American Lung Association in California produced the campaign with a $13,500 First 5 Contra Costa health promotion grant.

Richmond’s smoke-free multi-unit housing law went into effect in January and requires all apartments and condominiums to be non-smoking.  With 44% of Richmond’s population living in rental housing, the campaign is designed to inform these residents of their new protections and to increase awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke on young children. Continue reading