Statement Regarding Recent Government Actions to Separate Immigrant Children from Their Families

As advocates for the healthy growth and development of young children, we at First 5 Contra Costa are outraged by the horrifying reports and images of the separation of children from their families at our southern border. Our work is based on the scientific knowledge that a healthy childhood is the essential foundation for lifelong growth and development. We know that to build that foundation, every child needs and deserves loving, safe and secure relationships with their parents and caregivers.

Separating children from their parents, especially those who are escaping the stress and trauma of unsafe home communities, introduces needless and unacceptable trauma into their young lives. Severely traumatic childhood events such as these are linked to adult addiction, chronic disease, cancer and heart disease.

We cannot escape the conclusion that a federal policy to remove children from their families is akin to willful child abuse. At times throughout this country’s history, government has unjustly, yet legally separated countless children of color from their families. We recognize the relationship between this dark chapter and others in our history in which young people of color have been traumatized and oppressed.

We condemn these inhumane actions and urge our elected officials and all who stand for families to bring this terrible practice immediately to an end. The children who remain separated from their parents must be immediately reunited. There is no justification for the actions that have occurred in the past several weeks and we hope they will never be replicated.

A Safety Protocol for Home Visitors

Last year at least ten families or staff from the Hand to Hand home visiting program – a First 5 program that serves expectant or new parents in Richmond and San Pablo – had a friend or family member killed or injured by gunfire.

When violence flares in a neighborhood, what is the best way to keep social service workers safe and still reach families in need?

The Hand to Hand program answered this question by developing a safety protocol.  According to Odessa Caton, District Director for Aspiranet (the lead agency of the Hand to Hand collaborative), the protocol has already had a positive impact on worker and family safety.   Continue reading