Welcome to First 5 Contra Costa’s new blog, called “Take 5!”

The Take 5 blog is another way we’ll provide you with regular updates about our funded programs, information about the latest issues in early childhood, and postings from our staff bloggers on early education, school readiness, health and safety, evaluation tips, and much more.

While starting a blog may seem so 2006, I think the platform has proven itself a valuable tool for disseminating information and inviting dialogue – without breaking the bank. AB 99 – the state’s grab of $1 billion in First 5 funds; $23 million in Contra Costa alone – has created a new day at First 5. We have scaled back our public education funding and as such, are looking to implement more effective communications strategies that are both low-cost and flexible.

That’s why in addition to the new blog, we are finally joining Twitter (we’ve been on Facebook for while – are you following us there?) and have created a YouTube channel. I hope that through Take 5, social media, our email newsletter, regular media outreach, and Web site, you will stay up-to-date on all things First 5. If you have any comments or blog topic suggestions, please contact tirwin@first5coco.org.

Join in! Follow and communicate with First 5: