Developmental Milestones:

Children learn and grow more during the first five years than any other time in their lives.

When children smile for the first time, point, take first steps, or begin waving bye-bye, they are reaching developmental milestones. Although children develop at their own pace, developmental milestones help you know what to expect as your child grows.

See these resources on developmental milestones:

Get Developmental Screening

Developmental screenings are simple and easy check-ups that assess if your child is developing like most children of the same age. When your child is screened, you will answer a set of questions tied to developmental milestones. These questions help you:

  • Make sure your child’s development is on track
  • Learn about how your child develops and what to expect as your child grows
  • Identify problems or concerns with your child’s development as early as possible
  • Find additional support for your child, if needed
  • Discover ways you can support your child’s next developmental steps

Ask your doctor or visit a First 5 Center to get developmental screening for your child.

When You Have Concerns

If you’re concerned about your child’s development, act fast. Children benefit most when concerns are addressed early. Steps to follow:

  1. Talk with your child’s doctor
  2. Get developmental screening for your child
  3. Get an assessment for your child. Here’s how.