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Welcome to the ACEs Aware Initiative

PART I: From Rupture to Repair

Dr. Alicia Lieberman 

  • Video Link: Long version Ghosts and Angels in the Nurseries
    A Conversation with Dr. Alicia Lieberman and Dr. David Oppenheim This program was made possible by The Koret Foundation; Dr. Anita Friedman A very special thanks to Jewish Family and Children’s Services of San Francisco
  • Journal article: Lieberman AF, Padrón E, Van Horn P, Harris WW. Angels in the nursery: The intergenerational transmission of benevolent parental influences. Infant Mental Health J. 2005 Nov;26(6):504-520. doi: 10.1002/imhj.20071. PMID: 28682485.

Kanwarpal Dhaliwal, RYSE Associate Director

Jen Leland, Director Partnerships Trauma Transformed

PART II: From Referrals to Relationships

Wanda Davis

Cassandra Robinson

Maggie Velasco

Wendy Diaz

Focus on Culture Building & Expression through Art and Music

Lunchtime Playlist

Part III: From Awareness to Realization

Spotlighted Network Members

Dave Fendel

Ruth Hunter 

Dr. Barbara Botelho, MD

Pediatrician, La Clinica, Pittsburg

Join us in Community

When we come together in community, we can broaden our perspective as a collective and better imagine possibilities for the future.

In that spirit, we want to invite you to connect with us—and one another—in the Contra Costa Network of Care online hub and share your take-aways from our Spring Convening.