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We’re here to support you as parents with tips, resources, and tools to help you and your family thrive.

First 5 Contra Costa, We Care Services for Children, Lynn Center, Early Childhood Mental Health, and C.O.P.E. Family Support are coming together to help parents discover the potential in everyday moments to nurture their young children’s development.

Everyday moments—even the difficult ones—have countless opportunities to move your child’s development in a healthy direction.

We’re here for you every step of the way, whether that means connecting you with one-on-one support, a community of other parents, or both. 

  • It takes a village to raise a child. Be a part of a parenting community group where parents swap stories, share wisdom, and ask questions.
  • The group will provide education, peer support, and opportunities to learn about development.
  • We know it takes time and energy to participate in Parent Groups, so meal vouchers will be provided to all parents who attend as a thank you.
  • Services available in multiple languages

Upcoming Schedule:

Aug 17, 6-8pm: Talking About the Tough Stuff: Part 1 (English)
Aug 24, 6-8pm: Talking About the Tough Stuff: Part 2 (English)
Aug 24, 6-8pm: Manejando la desobediencia (Spanish)
Aug 31, 6-8pm: Hablando de las cosas difíciles (Spanish)
Sept 12, 6-8pm: Lidiando con la desobediencia (Spanish)
Sept 23, 6-8pm: Lidiando con las Perdidas (Spanish)
Sept 23, 6-8pm: Desarrollar buenas rutinas a la hora de acostarse (Spanish)
Oct 3-10, 10am-12pm: Rutinas positivas a la hora de dormir (Spanish)
Oct 10-11, 10am-12pm: Managing fighting and aggression (English)
Oct 10-12, 10am-12pm: Manejo de las peleas y la agresion (Spanish)
Nov 18, 6-8pm: Hassle-free shopping with children (English)
Nov 18, 6-8pm: Haciendo las comprar con niños y sin problema (Spanish)
Dec 5, 1-3pm: Hassle-free mealtimes (English)
Dec 5-8, 1-3pm: Hora de comer sin complicaciones (Spanish)

Registration (English)


Registration (Spanish)


or call 925-689-5811

  • You don’t have to go it alone. Partner with an Everyday Moments specialist to get support that is specific to the everyday moments in your family.
  • Our staff will provide guidance and encouragement during “everyday moments” of interaction.
  • Families who complete the program and give us their feedback will receive a $50 Target gift card. 
  • Services available in multiple languages

All support & resources are available at NO COST

We’re here to support you in finding answers to all your questions, from navigating toddlers and tantrums and addressing bedtime and sleep challenges.

Learn more and sign up: call 925-391-9240 or email everydaymoments@wecarechildren.org


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