Find FREE classes and support for families with children under age 6.

We fund five First 5 Centers in Contra Costa County serving families in low-income communities. Each Center offers:

SUPPORT FOR PARENTS: First 5 Center workshops and classes make parenting easier, help parents raise healthy, happy children, and are a great way to make new friends. Each Center has staff to connect families to helpful community resources.

FUN CLASSES FOR FAMILIES: Choose from over 20 classes each month, like art, science, cooking, dance, music, movement, baby sign language, and storytime. There’s also drop-in playtime, Saturday classes, monthly events, and classes focused on dads.

CHILD DEVELOPMENT EXPERTISE: First 5 Center staff are trained to check children’s growth and development. When children or parents need help, they know what to do.

Last year, the Centers served nearly 1,860 families. We’re making improvements to the First 5 Centers to serve more families. Read about them here.

Class Schedules

Antioch September | septiembre October | octubre
Bay Point September | septiembre October | octubre
Delta September | septiembre October | octubre
Monument September | septiembre October | octubre
West County September | septiembre October | octubre