Developmental Playgroups

Children screened by staff at our First 5 Centers or by physicians can be referred to Help Me Grow developmental playgroups designed to help them catch up on their developmental milestones. The playgroups provide much needed early intervention services for children whose developmental delays – while still significant – have not yet qualified for state-funded services.

Early childhood specialists from two professional organizations – Baby Builders, Inc. and We Care Services for Children – lead the Help Me Grow playgroups, work with children to support their development, and provide tips for families on how to address their child’s unique challenges.

Help Me Grow playgroups take place at the First 5 Centers and are provided in English and Spanish.

To learn more, contact Liliana Gonzalez Sanchez, 925-771-7377, Help Me Grow Program Coordinator.

Watch a video on playgroups below: