Vidya Iyengar

Alternate Commissioner representing District 3

 Vidya Iyengar is the Vice President for Care Delivery and Operations, Medicaid CA/HI, Kaiser Permanente.  She leads the development and execution of the Statewide strategy for the Medicaid and Duals lines of business in CA and HI. Guided by a vision to reduce disparities in health and health care delivery systems, she has implemented strategic and highly impactful initiatives in her previous roles as the VP, Government Programs and Regional Executive Director, Medi-Cal Strategy and Operations. Since joining Kaiser Permanente in 2009, she has also provided care delivery operations oversight to outpatient departments as the Asst. Medical Group Administrator and the Director of Psychiatry in the Permanente Medical group. 

Her previous experience includes leadership roles in Contra Costa County health services as the Ethnic Services Manager in the mental health division– she led the Reducing Healthcare Disparities initiative and the workforce development program focused on improving access and building a pipeline for behavioral health in the County. She is trained as a mental health clinician and has had a breadth of experience developing and leading treatment programs in community health settings.