Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

Ready or Not, Here We Come: an assessment of Kindergarten Readiness in Contra Costa, 2017

To understand the needs of children in Contra Costa, First 5 Contra Costa contracted with Applied Survey Research to conduct a county-wide assessment of kindergarten readiness. A total of 1,154 students from 10 elementary school districts participated in this study.

According to this research, across Contra Costa County:

  • Less than half of Contra Costa children are fully ready for kindergarten.
  • 44% of children meet the definition of “fully ready.”
  • Over a third of children are partially ready, and
  • 22% of children did not demonstrate proficiency in any of the measurements for kindergarten readiness.

To learn more about how scores differed by income, school district, and other family characteristics, as well as information about how we can help kids be ready for success in school:


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